ZFC Meuselwitz

The ZFC Meuselwitz eV is a football club from Meuselwitz in the German district of Altenburger Land. It is located in the district Zipsendorf. The club's colors are white and red within the ZFC exist next to the football also a cheerleader and a bowling department.


The origins of the ZFC Meuselwitz go back to the sport club founded in 1919 Zipsendorf pleasure, but the national did not appear until 1945. As of the end of World War II in the Soviet occupation zone all sports clubs were finally crushed, sat after the introduction of the system of company sports teams (BSG ) in the late 1940s, the BSG activist Zipsendorf as Sports Association of Zipsendorfer lignite plant the sport continues operation. The football section was first successes in the 1950s, 1954, 1955 and 1956, the Altenburger county championship was won, the latter was associated with the rise in the fifth rate class district of Leipzig. BSG There could keep activists to 1959, a 6th place in the 1959 season marked the descent into the circle class, because the class district was dissolved. It was the end of the presence at the district level. In 1976, the BSG was renamed activist Meuselwitz due to the incorporation of Zipsendorf after Meusel joke.

Due to the political and economic changes through the turn of 1989 the Sports Association was formed in 1990 in the registered association " Mining Sports Club " to. Shortly afterwards, the football department was divided and founded the football club (FV ) Zipsendorf. After the club had played for a long time at the county level, the nineties brought initially under the GDR Auswahlspieler Konrad Schaller as coach multiple ascent: 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997 increased the association, which from 1994 " Zipsendorfer Football Club ( ZFC ) Meuselwitz " called on in the next higher division. From the 1997/98 season of ZFC played within the League Thuringia and always reached at the end of season one digit place in the table. In spring 2002, the former East German national team coach Damian Halata was the ZFC and remained so until 2006. 2003, the club reached the semi-finals of the Thuringian State Cup. 2004, the ZFC Meuselwitz rose to the Oberliga Nordost. Within this league, the ZFC performed well, what places put in the years 2006 and 2007, 6 in 2005 and 5 expression. From December 2007 until his leave of absence on 2 May 2011 Halata was again coach of ZFC.

On 31 May 2009, the ZFC Meuselwitz penultimate matchday of the season reached the premature promotion to the Regionalliga. In the northern season in this division that Meuselwitzer occupied in their first season on the 10th place in the table. On 16 May 2010 the ZFC won the Thuringian State Cup after a 2-0 victory over VfB Oberliga Pössneck. Thus, the association for the first round of the DFB - Cup 2010/11, in which he lost with 0:2 against 1.FC Cologne qualified. In the Regionalliga 2010/11 season the Meuselwitzer occupied the 11th place in the final table. With a 6-5 victory on penalties over the dressing first division club SC 1911 Holy City of ZFC could defend the TFV Cup successfully and thus compete in the 2011/12 season in the first round of the DFB Cup. The ZFC the newly promoted Hertha BSC was thereby be drawn. It was expected for this game than 8,000 spectators. As the capacity of bluechip - Arena was not sufficient, additional grandstands were built specially for this game. The game went before 8000 spectators with 0:4 lost.

League membership in 1993

Known player

  • Robert Boehme, former second division player for Wacker Burghausen
  • Daniel Ferl, former player for the second division Alemannia Aachen
  • Ronny Hebert, a former second-division player for Rot-Weiß Erfurt
  • Miroslav Janota, former second division player for KFC Uerdingen
  • Karsten Oswald, a former second-division player for Chemnitz FC and Dynamo Dresden