Thuringia Cup

The TFV Cup ( Köstritzer - country Cup ) is the association of the Thuringian Cup Football Association. The winner of the TFV Cup automatically qualifies for the DFB Cup.

Qualifications and game mode

For the TFV Cup all third league, regional league, premier league, league and Thuringia Thuringia state class associations are automatically qualified. In addition, the District Cup winners qualify. However, since the 2007/ 08 season may attend per club only one team.

He will be held in six rounds in the knockout system. The respective pairings are determined by lottery. Each team has a game, which is prolonged in a draw after 90 minutes and, if necessary, to penalties per round. The third division, as well as some by lottery teams have a bye in the first round of the competition.

Previous playoffs

Previous titleholders

With nine titles of the FC Rot -Weiß Erfurt 's record cup winners, followed by FC Carl Zeiss Jena six and Wacker Nordhausen with three hits.

The highest number of audience in the history of the competition was reached on 15 November 2005 in Erfurt. After the two great rivals Rot-Weiss Erfurt and Carl Zeiss Jena always met each other only in the finale in recent years, the duel was first been drawn for the quarter-finals. 11,000 spectators at the Jena won 4-2 on penalties.