Zikula [ Sikula: ] is a program written in PHP Free Web Toolkit. It is based on a pragmatic implementation of the Model- View-Controller Schema ( MVC). It foregoes the strict observance of conventions with simultaneous separation of persistence, presentation and business layer.


The name " Zikula " is based on several Zulu words "fast" and " easy " means, and was developed in conjunction with the 2008 logo from the company pro bono. The developers hope to gain a fresh start, which reflects the extensive changes to the code base:


Server environment

Compared to other web frameworks Zikula is rather low demands on the Web server. It supports PHP4.4 and newer. It does not require a separate database for the application, but allows you to use database tables with prefixes. Zikula requires at least:

  • Web Server: Apache 2 (recommended) or Apache 1.3, IIS, Lighttpd, or other
  • Programming language: PHP ≥ 4.4 (recommended: 5.x)
  • Database: MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL

From Zikula 1.3 PHP 5.3 is assumed.


  • Zikula consists of the basic system ( Core), which takes care of the templating, user management, rights management, etc..
  • Content management and community functions to be installed per module.
  • The hot layouts and themes based on the Smarty templating engine.


  • By ADODB database abstraction ( Doctrine 2 from 1.3.x )
  • Database API ( DBUtil ) for CRUD
  • Workflow API
  • Form Validation API
  • Flexible rights management system with any number of groups, components and instances
  • Auth API to integrate different authentication methods (LDAP, OpenID, OAuth, etc.)
  • Multilingualism by gettext


The development of modules for Zikula can be performed classically by editor or the based on modules Eclipse Studio ( modulestudio.de ) on the one hand. ModuleStudio follows the approach of model-driven software development (MDSD ) and allows a entwurfslastigeren development process.


The philosophy of the project is based on safety, continuity, standards and pragmatism.

  • All developments of the cores will be evaluated under the aspect of security. Zikula can be operated, for example, without writable paths in the webroot.
  • In developing the focus is on upgrade paths, so that change of version of the software are usually possible.
  • Zikula is based on web standards such as XHTML and CSS, pays attention to poverty barrier and used de facto standard libraries like gettext, Doctrine, Smarty, JQuery, Prototype and script.aculo.us.


Zikula is developed by Zikula Software Foundation and represented in Germany by Zikula eV.


There is support for all of the international homepage or the national forums in Germany, Spain, Poland, Denmark, France and the Netherlands.

Developer network

Developers can additionally via mailing list ( Google Groups) or IRC contact.

Developer Platform

The primary platform is used GitHub.

Google Summer of Code

Zikula has been involved with four projects in the Google Summer of Code in 2008:

  • Improved Search
  • Improved management categories
  • Central versioning API
  • Revision of the usability

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