Zvartnots-AAL F.C.

The FC Zvartnots Yerevan was an Armenian football club from Yerevan.


After its founding in 1997, the club scored his first remarkable result in the second highest league ( the Armenian First League is called ) in 1998 when they won the league and were promoted to the chumb Bardsragujn. For a few years Zvartnots should be one of the main contenders for the championship. In her first Erstligasaison they reached the fourth place, while behind FC Pjunik Yerevan even finished second in 2001 and thus qualified for the UEFA Cup in 2002/ 03. But there was subject to the Slovenian club NK Primorje with 1:6 and 2:0.

In the 2003 season they were still among the clubs of the Premier League have been, but they moved back before the season start and have the game ceased operations since then.


  • Rise in the Bardsragujn chumb: 1998