NK Primorje

NK Primorje, occasionally referred to as Primorje Ajdovščina, was a Slovenian football club from Ajdovščina. The club played several seasons in the Slovenska Nogometna League and was several times in the finals of the national cup.


The NK Primorje, founded in 1924 occurred after Slovenia's independence in 1991, first to unterklassig. In the summer of 1993 they had a table second in the second division for the first time, the rise in the Slovenska Nogometna league. Here, the team established at the rear of the table and was partially in the fight to avoid relegation.

1996 reached NK Primorje the first time the Cup final, in which they had to admit defeat in return game NK Olimpija Ljubljana. The following year, the team surprised as runner-up behind Maribor Branik. In addition, the club moved again to the cup final, this time sat the master of Maribor after a 0-0 draw and a 3-0 win through and won the Double. NK Primorje Thus, for the first time qualified for the European Cup. In Europe Cup Winners' Cup 1997/98 the team moved to victories against Union Luxembourg and AIK from Sweden a first knockout round, where they eliminated against the Dutch side Roda JC Kerkrade after two defeats. In the league, the team missed out in fourth just the UEFA Cup, but moved for the third time in a row in the final of the National Cup one. After a 2-1 first leg victory, a 0-3 second-leg defeat against NK Rudar Velenje meant again the miss of winning the title.

The following seasons designed to unsettled for NK Primorje. Stand the team in the season 1998/99 still in a relegation battle, in 2001 managed a third place. 2002 the team repeated as runner the best result in the club's history, series champions NK Maribor had six points ahead. 2004 moved the team in fourth place in the six clubs championship final comprehensive one, but there occupied the last place. Since Olimpija Ljubljana received no UEFA license and FC Koper and Mura Murska Sobota had not sought, the team still qualified for the UEFA Cup in 2004/05. Here they failed in the second qualifying round to Dinamo Zagreb.

Subsequently, the seasons were again unsettled. 2006 once the team of NK Primorje than third last the last non- relegation zone. It was followed by two years in mid-table before the Club 2009 descent into second-rate. The chances of promotion followed the direct descent as Table.

After relegation from the Premier League 2010/11 the club in late May 2011 triggered still on because of financial difficulties.

Famous people

  • Borut Mavrič (born 1970 ), former player
  • Matej Mavrič ( born 1979 ), former player
  • Željko Mitrakovič (born 1972 ), former player
  • Michael Petrović ( born 1957 ), former coach
  • Bojan Prašnikar ( born 1953 ), former coach
  • Janez Strajnar (born 1971 ), former player
  • Milidrag Marič (* 1982 ), former player
  • Denis Tahirović ( born 1985 ), former player