FC Koper

The Football Club Luka Koper is a Slovenian football club from the seaport town of Koper.


NK Koper was established in 1955 as a merger of the two local rivals Aurora and Meduza, which had already been established in the early 1920s. Under this name he played in the various Yugoslav leagues and was thereby the most successful representatives of Slovenia. 1984 and 1990 of the Regional Cup could be won each. In 1990, the club was renamed to FC Koper Koper.

After Slovenia's independence in 1991, the club was one of the founding members of the first SNL. First come midfield positions, 1995, they fell but finished eleventh in reducing the league to ten teams victim and was relegated to the second division. Although there is increased only in sixth right back on, as the five teams placed in front of Koper outstanding claims to the infrastructure ( stadium, etc.) and financial requirements.

In the following years the club back and forth between first and second league. It was not until 2001 managed the establishment in the first division and reach places in the table in the upper middle. 2002 identified the club in FC Koper, a year later in Anet Koper to FC. 2005 we finished the season in the relegation zone, but because of the Lizenzentzüge for ND Mura 05 and Ljubljana V & V the games fell out and Koper was automatically in the league.

2005/ 06 the club reached a position at the top again and was third in the table. As a Cup Winners' Cup by a 5-3 success after penalty shoot-out against NK Celje, FC Koper qualified for the UEFA Cup 06 /07 release. 2008, the club was renamed again, this time in FC Luka Koper.

2009/10 was able to celebrate his greatest success of the club, as he carried a 2-0 win for the first time secured four games before the end of the season at NK Rudar Velenje the championship.


  • Slovenian Champion: 2010
  • Slovenian Football Cup: 19841, 19901, 2006, 2007

1regionaler Cup the Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia


Participation in European football competitions