Zvi Bodie

Zvi Bodie ( born 1943 ) is an economist at Boston University.

Bodie added together with William F. Samuelson ( son of Paul Samuelson ), and Robert C. Merton modern life cycle model for portfolio selection to labor supply: Younger investors can therefore only therefore take more risk because they have more opportunities there by prolonged and / or intense compensate for work. He denies the allegation that shares with the length of the investment horizon would be less risky, with arguments from the option pricing theory.

Bodie criticized the of what he called " Markowitz paradigm " of the risk - return optimization (see CAPM) and advocated as an alternative, the " Merton paradigm ".

Bodie advocates a conservative investment style, criticized the use of risky assets in government and corporate bonds, refers to the tendency of the financial industry, about financial products their risks to consumers to sell as a fraud, and sympathizes with the idea of ​​narrow banking as a way to avoid banking crises.

Together with Alex Kane and Alan J. Marcus, he wrote the textbook Investments.