Zwaardvis-class submarine

1972 - 1995

Immersed in 2645 tons standard

66.9 m

8.4 m

7.1 m


Diesel electric, one shaft

About 20 knots

6 x 533 mm torpedo tubes

The Zwaardvis class was a submarine class of Koninklijke Netherlands Navy.


The two boats Zwaardvis class was added in 1965 in order, they were the first boats of the Dutch navy, who had a teardrop-shaped hull, such as the United States Navy had tested him in the USS Albacore ( AGSS -569 ). In fact, the Zwaardvis boats were direct descendants of the American Barbel class. Both boats were placed in 1966 Rotterdamsche Dry Dock Maatschappij in Rotterdam to Kiel and ran in 1970 ( or 1971 Zwaardvis Tijgerhaai ) from the stack. They were in 1972 officially put into service. From 1982, Dutch shipyards built also two modified boats of the class for Taiwan, this drive there still as Hai -Lung class.

1987/1988 ( Tijgerhaai ) or 1989/1990 ( Zwaardvis ) were subjected to both boats a complete overhaul and remained until 1994 ( Zwaardvis ) or 1995 ( Tijgerhaai ) in service. Together with its predecessors, the Dolfijn class they were replaced by the four boats of the new Walrus class.

The boats were sold back to RDM in 1996 after the Dutch government had previously offered unsuccessfully for 55 million U.S. dollars. As a result, the planned sale failed only to Indonesia, then to Egypt. 2000 Malaysia wanted to lease the boat for five years, actually let RDM transport them to the Smit Explorer, Lumut. Ultimately, Malaysia decided but for buying two new boats Scorpène class and had henceforth no longer interested in the Zwaardvis boats.