.ch (newspaper)

. ch (pronounced dot CH) was a Swiss - free commuter newspaper.

The newspaper tabloid published from Monday to Friday in the morning and was a competition which also appears in the morning free newspaper 20 minutes and NEWS. It was published by the PR agency Media AG point of Sacha Wigdorovits, who was already involved in the construction of 20 minutes. Editor in Chief, Rolf Leeb. . ch appeared from the September 19, 2007 to May 4, 2009 in the cities and urban areas of Basel, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Zurich.

In contrast to existing free newspapers in Switzerland, the distribution of. Ch was originally not done primarily through distribution boxes at stations, but as with conventional dailies by home delivery. The newspaper was launched here on custom-built stands at the entrance of homes served. So attempts have been made to reach the audience earlier than 20 minutes, which is found primarily in stations. Therein lay the peculiarity of. Ch, which ensured the Swiss media market accordingly for excitement and had led to the Tamedia has increased the edition of 20 minutes during the launch of. Ch and another free newspaper, news, to displace. Ch on brought to market.

The first edition was 435,000 copies and had 44 pages ( including 14 advertising). The median point AG (formerly Ziecour Hazu AG) is endowed with CHF 7'700'000. Chairman Dr. Ernst was last Buob manageress was last the former publishing director of the Sunday newspaper, Caroline Thoma. In addition, Eugen Russ are involved with the Vorarlberg media house, the Austrian publisher Moser family, the media entrepreneur Michael Grabner and Phonak entrepreneur Andy Rihs.

Critics doubted that the home delivery works. They pointed to the possible resistance of the homeowner and the risk that. Ch dirty as waste paper doorways. Various home owners destroyed the unauthorized landfill on their property stand, while the commercial police placed on public property removed.

End of October 2008 had ch. Home delivery set. The newspaper was distributed as its competitors mainly at train stations and other frequently visited locations. Since 22 October 2008, the newspaper appeared also in a new, more colorful garb.

On 9 July 2009 ie after adjustment, the association published 30 minutes in a guerrilla action. " Ch" in counterfeit layout.

End of August 2009 acquired Moneycab all trademark rights to create under the fire. I.punkt.ch ch or a new online media offer to be a strong focus on the changing media usage through the Internet.


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  • Free newspaper
  • Zeitung ( Switzerland, show set )
  • First publication in 2007
  • Posted in 2009