12 Days of Terror

  • Colin Egglesfield: Alex
  • Mark Dexter Stanley
  • Jenna Harrison: Alice
  • John Rhys -Davies: Captain Cap
  • Jamie Bartlett: Michael Schleisser
  • Adrian Galley: Angel
  • Colin Stinton: Dr. John Nichols
  • Roger Dwyer: Dr. Frederick Lucas
  • Patrick Lyster: Mayor Perillo
  • Nigel Sweet: Murphy

12 Days of Terror is a produced for the South African television docudrama by Jack Sholder from the year 2005. The film is based on true events that have taken place in 1916 from July 1 to 12. This is the shark attacks off the coast of New Jersey. It is based on the book Twelve Days of Terror by Robert Fernicola.


The lifeguard is on duty at the beach Alex. In 1916 it belonged in the population de rigueur to bathe in the sea. Quite unexpectedly gets a swimmer in trouble and Alex saves him. However, the victim has an unusually large flesh wound in the leg and dies. Everything points to a shark attack, the leaders of the city deny this, however, for fear of economic loss. The beach remains open fully. Alex is as stunned and is sure that it is a shark. His friend, the old captain's cap, is of the opinion that the shark attack the unusually warm flow of the ocean is owed.

The next beach insert floats a lifeguard colleague of Alex to two boys who are too far away from the beach. After he returned it, he is clearly seen attacked by a shark, losing both legs and dies. After the construction of a security fence in the sea, the beach is enabled again to be safe.

A few days later discovered Cap random, like a big shark from the sea floating in the canal of the city. He tries to warn the population. Nevertheless, the shark can attack and kill a boy while bathing. After attempting a rescue dies Stanley, the fiancée of Alex's former girlfriend, also. On the way back into the sea, the shark attacked another bathing boy, but can be rescued seriously injured.

The population is up in arms and begins to hunt the shark. With the participation of Cap and Alex, a white shark can be caught in the open sea. When the shark is opened, you will find human bones and scraps of cloth. After the warm flow subsided, no more sharks were to discover near the coast.