1E is a software company based in the UK and offices in London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt am Main and Noida. The company develops automated software solutions that complexity, management costs and energy consumption are regulated. 1E has developed products with those of the energy consumption of IT hardware such as PCs, monitors and servers is reduced.


1E was founded in 1997 by three former Microsoft contractors Sumer Karayi, Phil Wilcock and Mark Blackburn, who invested 600 euros each in the founding of the company. Karayi now has the majority of the company's possession after he has paid Wilcok and Blackburn. To date, the company has installed more than 16 million licenses worldwide in about 1400 organizations in 42 countries. The customers represent the public and private sectors around the world, including AT & T, Dell, HSBC, Arup, Nomura and the Ford Motor Company.

The company name was derived from a computer error. A blue screen with the string 1E appears in a crash on some computers with Microsoft Windows as the operating system. This name was chosen because the company's founders pursued the goal of large companies to spare from such an event.


1E developed the following software products for the operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux:

  • NightWatchman ® Server Edition measures the electrical energy requirements of servers and determines which servers are inefficient. This solution monitors the amount of useful activity of physical and virtual servers, enabling the decommissioning unused servers.
  • NightWatchman ® Enterprise is a solution for PC power management, which aims at 50 % of all PCs that are not turned off at night or on weekends and unnecessarily require electricity.
  • WakeUp ™ is a product that performs the activation over the LAN to turn on the PC for software updates. WakeUp includes a software component for the iPad and the iPhone to the central administration of wakeups.
  • Nomad Enterprise ™ uses idle network bandwidth to the safe performance of the operating system upgrades, software deployments and patches to thousands of computers and servers - day or night and without interruptions. As a result, operating systems, software applications and updates are distributed to remote offices with no server or with limited bandwidth and at the same server and administration costs.
  • Shopping ™ is the AppStore for the company and a self-service portal software, can be automated with the requests, approvals, and deployments. The user can download required software and services. This reduces the software requests arise to the help desk.
  • AppClarity ™ is a software asset management software that tracks unused software in companies that quantifies potential savings and unused licenses reclaims and re-used. This makes it possible to use only software to use ( and pay for) that is actually needed.


In 2009, 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy, an independent research on the awareness and behavior of PC users and server administrators in the largest companies in the world in order.

The PC Energy Report found that nearly half of all PCs used for business purposes are not turned off regularly in the U.S. overnight. This means that about 108 million PCs remain switched on at work overnight and cause unnecessary electricity costs in the amount of 2.1 billion euros. At the same time about 20 tons of carbon dioxide are emitted, which corresponds to the pollution of about 4 million cars.

From the Server Energy & Efficiency Report is apparent that unused server cost 18 billion euros of hardware, maintenance, management, power and cooling costs annually. About one sixth of these servers (15%) do no meaningful tasks. Turning off non-productive servers could save 2.8 billion in electricity costs and avoid the emission of 11.8 million tons of carbon dioxide ( the amount of 2.1 million cars caused ) a year.

2010 issued 1E Vanson Bourne commissioned to determine the efficiency of help desk. The report of this research project refers to a number of problems for IT departments. For more than a third of users has the money to spend their IT departments every year for them, with little or no value. About 50 % of users have with any of their requests nachhaken at least once to really get the software requested by them, and more than two thirds (68 %) of users are of the opinion that they could even find and install the required software faster as the IT helpdesk.

From the 2011 Fast IiS, Opinion Matters and IAITAM publish software efficiency report shows that there are unused in the UK alone software and shelfware worth 2 billion euros. 47% of respondents said that their company still uses spreadsheets to list of software licenses. 6% still use a management system based on paper and amazing 16 % use either electronic or paper formats.


A number of competitors offer similar software products for PC power management as 1E. These include Data Synergy Powerman (software), Verdiem SURVEYOR and Faronics Power Save.


  • NightWatchman Server Edition was awarded Product of the Year by Green IT 2011.
  • NightWatchman Enterprise reached in the Minister of Energy Category at the Green IT Awards 2011 for second place.
  • 1E ranks on the International Track 2010 list of The Sunday Times among the best companies in private hands.
  • 1E was honored at the Microsoft Partner Awards as ISV / Software Solutions Innovation Partner of the Year.
  • 1E received at the Green IT Expo 2008 Green Supplier Award.
  • NightWatchman received the 2007 CNET Networks UK Business Technology awarded " Enterprise Software Product of the Year ".