4th Dimension roller coaster

As a 4th Dimension Coaster Coasters are referred to appropriate their seats on the car side next to the rail and can be rotated 360 °. Originally, the name is a product name of the company Arrow Dynamics, which was later adopted for similar cars.

Arrow Dynamics / S & S Power

The first 4th Dimension Coaster by Arrow Dynamics X was opened in January 2002 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. As a prototype X initially made big problems and was frequently out of service. After the takeover of the insolvent Arrow Eejanaika called a successor was built under the new owner S & S Power in Japan in 2006. The type of train used in Japan was used from 2008 to X, with this change, the web was renamed in X2. The trains were given an onboard sound system, the train itself was repainted and provided with fire effects.

Each car in the train is through a guide rail which is mounted directly on the normal running rail of the roller coaster. Thus, the rotation is mechanically during travel and affected by any engine. Rides can not be varied (assuming you do not change the guide rail ). Arrow Dynamics built special layouts that are not accessible with a normal car in a "classic " roller coaster as one of the forces forth the human body reasonable movement is only possible with the variation of the seating position. Thus, the new inversion Raven Turn, which is unique to the 4th Dimension Coastern arose. On the IAAPA 2013 a revised version of 4th Dimension Coasters S & S Powers was presented.


In 2007, at Intamin the 4th -dimension concept and introduced a model called ZacSpin ago. The first delivery went to the Finnish theme park Linnanmaki. Unlike the orbits of Arrow / S & S is available at the ZacSpin - Coastern no guide rail for controlled rotation of the gondolas, they are free to rotate. Thus, it is depending on the load of the car to a different driving experience. In contrast to the version of Arrow Dynamics just layouts have been realized without horizontal curves so far. Another difference is the individual car at Intamin and the trains at S & S.

List of 4th Dimension Coaster