Ab 18


  • Guitar, Vocals: Farin Urlaub
  • Drums, Vocals: Bela B.
  • Bass: Hagen Liebing
  • Bass: Sahnie ( tracks 4 and 7)


  • The doctors ( tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)
  • Manfred Praeker ( tracks 2 and 6)

From 18, the third mini-album of the German punk rock band Die Ärzte, which appeared in 1987 as a response to the indexing of their albums Debil and Doctors.


From 18 contains, inter alia, the indicated song " brotherly love " and at the time of release of the album songs indexed " Claudia 's got a German Shepherd" and " lullaby ".

More Songs of the plate are " Sweet Sweet Gwendoline ", which has already appeared on the doctors and had not been indexed, but was due to the glorification of sadomasochism controversial, as well as new songs " you scratch, it stinks, it sticks", " Helmut K. ", is in the claims, Helmut Kohl tyrannisiere his wife, and from which it later falsely stated that it had been banned in Bavaria, as well as" Claudia II, " the sequel to" Claudia 's got a German Shepherd ".

After the suicide of Hannelore Kohl, 2001, the doctors distanced from the song " Helmut K. " and no longer played it a few years at their concerts until they took it on 29 December 2006 at the concert at SO36 in Berlin back in the set.

From the album 18 has been indexed on 31 October 1987. However, the doctors of the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young had previously come and had a sticker on the CD with the inscription " This CD may not be sold in Child Protection Laws to young people under 18 and not publicly advertised. " Attached. The inner cover itself was also indexed on 31 December 1987. Indexing lose 25 years after inclusion in the list is issued, however, the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young to issue a follow- indexing, if you continue to hold the media for youth- endangering. The record was from 18 follow indexed on 28 September, 2012. By Decision No. A 336/12 of 19 November 2012 ( Pr.858/12 ) the FRA has removed the indexing of the record sleeve for youth-endangering writings.

In the title list of the LP there was in the first edition of a misspelling: Gwendoline was written with y instead of i, this was no longer the case with the second edition.

The album reached number 33 on the German album charts despite its indexing. There were no singles.

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