Live – Nach uns die Sintflut


  • Vocals, guitar: Farin Urlaub
  • Vocals, drums: Bela B.
  • Bass, backing vocals: Hagen Liebing

After us the deluge, the first live album by the German punk rock band Die Ärzte. It was released on 27 October 1988, was the last album prior to the temporary separation. The album was conceived as a present and appeared after the farewell tour The best band in the world.


After us the deluge appeared as triple 12 " vinyl and double CD (each additional with the bonus single" The ride on the butterfly ") and double -MC and peaked in the second week after publication No. 1 on the German album charts. There remained a total of 33 weeks on the German Top 100 and is the best selling triple live album in the country.

In " The ride on the butterfly " it was a live version of the indicated track " brotherly love ", in which the band played only the instrumental part and the audience sang the indexed text. The song was included as a bonus single, so in the case of indexing not have the complete album must be re- pressed, but only the single from the packaging could be removed. The second edition of the album was not settled, the single " The ride on the butterfly ."

After the live album and a two-part live video appeared yet on the tour. The live version of " Too late," with a medley then current chart hits as an intro, was released as a single.

Before the doctors ' Claudia III " printed on the cover as" Claudia ", played, they held a two and a half minute talk and settled there over the employees of the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young, which previously albums of the doctors on the index for morally harmful to youth had let set, including the song " Claudia 's got a German Shepherd".

One hundred percent recorded "live", the album is terrible. Since the headset microphone that Bela B. always used on the stage, was too poor to be able to publish his singing can all vocals by Bela B. of him were subsequently re- sung in the studio. To give the recordings in the studio still a little live setting, he sang all the songs through in one take. In addition, he heard the playback not (as in the studio usual ) through headphones, but through extra loud speaker turned up.

Compared to the studio versions of each song is striking that the doctors for their live performances always slightly changed some texts. So it is, for example, in " El Cattivo " not " ... then gets a blind man to do with him ," but " ... then get Ray Charles to do with him ." In " Too late," it says instead of " ... rickety ladies bike " "Bavarian motorcycle ". Overall, the album contains 22 such changes in detail.

In conjunction with the release of the live album, it was decided in addition to two previously unreleased tracks that were played on past tours, but not on this tour, live, but ultimately to publish yet ( " We're doing just fine " and "I 'm wild "). Man attacked on this soundcheck recordings back that were made during the 88 tour and put this partly with live applause so that they sounded better technically could insert into After us the deluge itself.

The album reached the first triple album # 1 on the German album charts and was certified platinum, the decoupled single " Too late ... (Live)" reached number 25 in the German single charts.

Title list

  • When Will I Be Famous ( The Brothers ) - 0:39
  • Tell It to My Heart ( Seth Swirsky ) - 0:17
  • Whenever You Need ... ( Stock, Aitken and Waterman ) - 0:09
  • I Should Be So Lucky ( Stock, Aitken and Waterman ) - 0:07
  • My Bed Is Too Big (Dieter Bohlen ) - 0:10
  • Born to Love ( Melloni, Turratti, Chieregato, Beecher ) - 0:06
  • Kiss ( Prince) - 0:15
  • Too late ( Farin Urlaub ) - 3:55
  • Blueprint ( K. Franck ) - 0:23

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