Double album#Triple album

A triple album is a musical album, which - in contrast to a double album - consists of three LPs or three CDs. In general, there are two reasons for a band or artist to release a triple album. Either that intended for publication musical material is too large to fit on the capacity of only one or two recordings, or the artists have a recognizable musical theme ( concept ) and therefore release a concept album as a triple album.

Among the most famous triple albums of popular music history include All Things Must Pass by George Harrison, Decade by Neil Young, Yessongs of the group Yes, the album Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Sandinista! by The Clash, Lotus Santana ( band ) and Consequences of Godley & Creme. In Germany, the triple live album was After us the deluge of Physicians commercially very successful.

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