Yessongs (album)


Yessongs is the sixth work and also the first live album by the progressive rock band Yes. It was published in 1973 and is in fan and critic circles as one of the best live albums of the 1970s. Due to the change of drummer Bill Bruford and Alan White is coming, there are songs on this album with two different drummers.

Content & Cover

The first editions of the album are provided with ample offerings. The shells of the three LPs are pure white with a printed logo YES. The cover has four slots for the three plates and one for a twelve page booklet with live photos of Dean Martin, the brother of Roger Dean. Depending on a double page are available for the five band members, a page for a group shot and a side for portraits of the crew. Texts, there is but only for special pressings.

Although they are all different, but they tell a common story. On the last page we find parts of the planet that has disintegrated in Fragile, free-floating in space again, accompanied by a space sailing ship. This picture bears the significant title escape.

On the first of three inside pages, we find the image arrival which shows the landing of the parts on a populated planet of fish. It is no less than a soft landing and no impact. This image is sacrificed later, just as the booklet of savings. At the CD release it is getting back in the booklet. The picture on the second awakening inside already shows deer -like creatures and pathways, which on the third shows a humanoid and the space sailing ship is also back. This last image is found without living beings and ship, even on the first page of the cover again. The first page of sheet additionally included a graphics and image and graphics available in the well-known curved letters Yessongs; Yes the logo has been used since Close to the Edge.

The triple album was initially hailed by many music fans as the best live album of its time and sold many copies. It begins with excerpts from The Firebird by Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, even later often -used Yes intro for their live performances. Also find excerpts from Rick Wakeman The Six Wives of Henry VIII collection. Some pieces are musically even rated better than the studio versions, especially Siberian Kathru is played brilliant and superior to the original version of Close to the Edge.

However, this also led quickly to criticism of the procedure of the album creation, because, with the drums and the vocals almost all live recorded parts of bass, guitar and keyboards were subsequently taken up again in the studio and replaced eventually the ( sound technology worse ) Original recordings the respective live recordings. This is particularly evident in the title Yours Is No Disgrace, the input Saves is original, is then transferred to the produced in the studio recording, in the middle part again the original recording contains almost to the final applause again play until the subsequent studio recording. The reason for this was that Steve Howe had offered his colleagues in the short term to incorporate an extended guitar improvisation in the song as a solo part, through which the song was almost twice as long as its counterpart from The Yes Album. The pieces The Fish; Perpetual Change and Starship Trooper, differs significantly from the versions of the studio albums. But there were also consent to the procedure of recording, because on Perpetual Change about Bill Bruford is on drums and this version is with him in the form contained on the album unique.

Later in the album Jon Anderson intones then a passage from Stravinsky's ballet Le sacre du printemps ( The Rite of Spring ). One showed up on the album Yessongs but for the first time, namely, that the Yes songs tend to live by the ten -minute-long epics. With the exception of Close to the Edge each side of the LP bears practically only two songs.

Title list

  • Cord of Life
  • Eclipse ( Anderson / Bruford / Squire )
  • The Preacher the Teacher
  • Apocalypse
  • Your Move ( Anderson)
  • All Good People ( Squire )
  • Long Distance Runaround ( Anderson)
  • The Fish ( Schindleria Praematurus ) ( Squire )
  • The Solid Time of Change
  • I Get Up I Get Down ( Anderson / Squire )
  • Seasons of Man
  • Life Seeker ( Anderson)
  • Disillusion ( Squire )
  • Wurm ( Howe )


° Drums: Bill Bruford

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  • Page 2: Title 4-5
  • Page 3: Title 6-8
  • Page 4: 9-10 Title
  • Page 5: Title 11
  • Page 6: Title 12-13
  • Content 2 CD CD 1: tracks 1-8
  • CD 2: tracks 9-13

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