Roger Dean (artist)

Roger Dean ( born August 31, 1944 in Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom ) is a contemporary British artist who was best known for the he designed record covers.


Dean was born in England but spent part of his youth in Greece, Cyprus and Hong Kong, as his father was in the British Army. In 1959 the family returned to England and Dean completed a design degree at the Canterbury School of Art (now Kent Institute of Art & Design), after he had first tried silversmithing and furniture design. In 1968 he received his degree from the Royal College of Art in London.

His first album covers he designed for the band Gun. In 1971 he designed a cover for the group Osibisa, which introduced him due to the success of the plate. In the same year he began working for the group Yes, the LP Fragile graced a framed cover of Dean for the first time and for which he should make numerous other cover. Dean also designed the distinctive long-standing logo of the group, which was first seen on the album Close to the Edge, and the follow-up logo. Guitarist Steve Howe saw a connection between the sound of the group and Dean's art ("a pretty tight bond in between our sound and Roger's art" ).

Dean's fantasy -like, utopian scenes adorned albums by Budgie, Uriah Heep, Gentle Giant and many other bands. Dean sees himself as a landscape painter ( " landscape painter" ). His favorite and often combined painting techniques are gouache, watercolor, ink, chalk and collage techniques.

In the illustrated books Views ( 1975) and Magnetic Storm ( 1984) was also known a public beyond the music press Deans work. In addition to painting has Dean, who lives in Brighton since 1972, made ​​a name for itself with architecture and furniture design. Such works have been the subject of exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Academy of Arts.

By Dean comes the design of the video game Tetris World. In 2005, he announced an incipient film project called Floating Islands with David Mousley, to be animated and composited in the music and cover designs for Yes.

Currently, entwines an ongoing debate about the striking similarities of the sci-fi adventure Avatar - Pandora from James Cameron with his works. Roger Dean was not involved in the film formation.

Album cover by Dean


Third Ear Band

Earth & Fire


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Atomic Rooster


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Steve Howe

Glass Hammer

  • 2005 The Inconsolable Secret


Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe

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Rare Earth

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