Abel of Reims

The holy Abel (* in Scotland; † August 5, 764 at Lobbes ) was Mitabt to Lobbes in Hainaut and Archbishop of Rheims 744

A native of Scotland, Abel came with Boniface, Willibrord and other Christian teachers in the Frankish Empire. He seems first to have worked in Hainault in the Abbey Lobbes and was, as at the instigation of Boniface the Synod of Soissons (March 3, 744) the Bishop of Rheims deposed Milo, elevated to bishop of Reims. Pope Zacharias was not ready to give Abel the pallium, which he gave to the bishop of Sens Hartbertstrasse instead, despite the recommendations of the two house Meier Carloman and Pippin the Younger. Abel could not be said, therefore, in Reims. He retired ( probably 745 ) in the Abbey Lobbes back, devoted himself to the mission in Hainaut, Flanders and Liège in the country, and died in Lobbes on August 5, 764


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  • Abel of Reims in the World Encyclopedia of Saints
  • Bishop ( 8th century )
  • Holy ( 8th century )
  • Abbot
  • Benedictine
  • Person (Reims )
  • Born in the 7th or 8th century
  • Died 764
  • Man