Adalbert von Ladenberg

Adalbert of store Berg ( born February 18, 1798 in Ansbach, † February 15, 1855 in Potsdam) was a Prussian politician.

Download Mountain was the son of the Prussian Minister of State Philip of loading mountain. After initial instruction by a private tutor, he attended the Friedrich-Wilhelms -Gymnasium in Berlin and joined with 17 years as a volunteer - One year the Dragoon Guards regiment. In 1816 he resigned as a lieutenant of the military service and studied in Berlin, Heidelberg and Göttingen law and Kameralwissenschaft.

After successful completion of his studies Shop Mountain got a job in 1818 as Auskultator in the Prussian administration. His career led him in 1824 by the government and counsel in Cologne and 1829 Senior Government in Königsberg and Merseburg. As such, he was appointed President of the Government in 1834 in Trier and six years later brought him Baron Karl vom Stein zum Alten stone in the Ministry of Education and as a member of the State Council to Berlin.

As the Old Stone died on 14 May 1840 he was entrusted shop mountain provisionally with its political tasks until October 8. As of October 22, he took this responsibility and final ran from that date, the Department of the Evangelical spiritual, teaching and medicine Alan opportunities in the Ministry of Johann Albrecht Friedrich Eichhorn. For this he received in 1841 the site of an extraordinary Plenipotentiary at the Friedrich -Wilhelms -Universität zu Berlin.

As a result of the political upheavals of the March Revolution of 1848 Eichhorn resigned from all his offices, loading Berg managed by the Ministry under the short-term incumbent ministers Graf Maximilian von Schwerin - Putzar and Johann Karl Rodbertus. Between July and November 1848, this was a provisional and later the real leadership of the Ministry.

Loading mountain was involved, among other instrumental in several innovations: the establishment of the Protestant High Church Council of the Evangelical Church in Prussia, preparation of teaching law and a Medizinalgesetzes as well as the initiation of a reorganization of the art system in all its parts.

By Olomouc punctuation from November 29, 1850 Shop mountain looked really forced into a resignation, but failed to do so in favor of the realization of some bills. In the period between November 9 and December 12, 1850 was appointed as Acting Prime Minister shop mountain. He was later appointed Privy Council and as such he took over the management of the Audit Office.

Writings (selection )

  • Overview of French and Prussian mortgage Constitution. Cologne 1829
  • Prussia judicial proceedings in civil and criminal cases. Cologne 1842