Robert von Puttkamer

Robert Viktor von Puttkamer ( born May 5, 1828 in Frankfurt ( Oder), † March 15, 1900 on Good Karzin at Stolp in Pomerania ) was a Prussian statesman, mainly because of him were responsible as interior minister in the 1880s political " cleansing " of the Prussian judges and officials of major importance for the further management history of Prussia and the Empire. Eckart Kehr in 1929 first pointed out that the widespread and long-lasting penetration of the Prussian state apparatus with conservative " attitude officials " essential to the long neglected work Puttkamers must be associated. The newer regional historical research was about show overlooking East Prussia, " that Puttkamer political conformity sought to force down to the level of the Chief Administrator. " Below him "never since the reforms of the years after 1807 lost" broke liberal officials tradition from.


Puttkamer, who belonged to the Pomeranian noble family of Puttkamers, studied law and joined after graduating in 1854 in the civil service. From 1860 to 1866 he was district administrator in the district Demmin. In this capacity, he acquired the personal confidence of the newlyweds with a Puttkamer Otto von Bismarck, who in 1866 as lecturer Council appointed him to the newly created Federal Chancellery before 1871 government district president of Gumbinnen. In 1874, he was district president in the district of Lorraine Reich Lands Alsace-Lorraine.

From 1873 to 1891 was Puttkamer member of the Reichstag, where he joined the German conservatives.

In 1877 he assumed the position of President of the Upper Silesian province before he was Prussian Minister of Education on July 14, 1879. In this role, he helped to defuse the cultural struggle between the Empire and the Catholic Church. With the adoption of 21 January 1880, he led in the schools of Prussia a simplified German spelling. On June 18, 1881 Puttkamer Prussian Minister of the Interior. By 11 October 1881, he was Vice President of the Prussian State Ministry. In these roles, he sought above all, liberal officials from the civil service to be removed and replaced by conservative. He also continued the socialist laws to strictly, which earned him the opposition of left and liberal forces.

Under Emperor Friedrich III. took place on June 8, 1888 his dismissal. Puttkamer then became a canon at Merseburg and from 1889 a member of the Prussian House of Lords. In 1891 he was appointed by Emperor Wilhelm II to the top presidents of the Province of Pomerania; this office he held until 1899.

Robert was the great-grandfather of Puttkammer the political scientist and writer Christian Graf von Krockow.