Adam Sandurski

Adam Sandurski ( born February 8, 1953 in Zarzecze ) is a former Polish wrestler.


Adam Sandurski played in his first youth basketball and dabbled in boxing, before he took to the rings at the age of just 20 years. As a young adult he had become a "giant" of 2.14 m height and a body weight of about 135 kg. So he was a full-grown Superschwergewichtler. The club where he was trained by the trainers January Malka and Eugeniusz Nejmark an outstanding freestyle wrestler, was " Stal " Rzeszow. In 1978 he was Polish champion in super heavyweight for the first time. But his international career Ringer had begun a year earlier with a 6th place at the European Championship in Bursa. Of course, he had to pay for this championship as a freshman learn the hard way, because he lost his two fights that he denied and 6th place was the same with only six participants, the last place. Nevertheless, it sent the Polish Wrestling Federation, whose coach had recognized the extraordinary potential of Sandurski, even to the World Championships the same year. Here he succeeded in the first fight a victory, but he had injured from Hungary after a defeat in the second fight against József Balla retire.

In 1978, it was better for him, because he reached at the European Championships in Sofia a 5th Place and in the World Championship in Mexico City even 4th place, with him four wins were managed through tough opponents in the World Cup and he only was beaten by the multiple world champion and Olympic champion Soslan Andijew from the Soviet Union.

1979 won Sandurski at the European Championships in Budapest, the first medal at an international championship. In the following six international championships then won Sandurski every time a medal. There he failed to win a title. Again and again he failed at that time outstanding Soviet wrestlers Soslan Andijew and Salman Chassimikow. After all, he reached at the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 to 3rd place and thus won the bronze medal.

In 1983, Sandurski at the European Championships in Budapest only on the 6th Place. A more better competition, he played at the World Championships the same year in Kiev, he fought his way to the finals and lost by only there against Salman Chassimikow.

1984 could only participate in the European Championships in Jönköping Sandurski because of the boycott of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles by the socialist states. There, however, he was very successful, because he became vice European champion. In 1985, he was only at the World Championships in Budapest at the start, but missed with the 4th place just a medal. At the end of his international career Sandurski won at the European Championships in 1986 in Athens again a bronze medal. Overall Sandurski thus won 10 medals in international championships. Only the jump to the top of the podium was denied.

Adam Sandurski is also well known in Germany Ringer circles, because he wrestled from 1985 to 1988 for the KSV Witten and then a few years at AC Hoerde 04 in the German Bundesliga.

Adam Sandurski, who had studied sports, become a resident of Witten with his family after the end of his active career.

International Championships

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =, F = Freestyle, SS = Super Heavyweight, at that time more than 100 kg of body weight)

Polish Championships

Adam Sandurski was Polish champion in freestyle wrestling, super heavyweight. During the years 1978 to 1984 and 1988


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