Bruce Baumgartner

Bruce Robert Baumgartner ( born August 31, 1960 in Haledon, New Jersey ) is a former American professional wrestler.


Bruce Baumgartner began, like most American wrestlers at the high school with the rings. There, however, he achieved no great success. Only after he had moved to the Indiana State University, this presented a. In 1978 he became an American Junior Heavyweight Champion and in 1980 he won many victories in high school wrestling. In 1982, he was first sent at the age of 20 years to the world championships. He still had to make do with the 7th place, but as of 1983 success queued to success. He was twice Olympic champion, won two Olympic medals and was added three times world champion, always against the toughest competition. In the United States, he remained undefeated for 17 years. After he was admitted to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2002, followed in September 2003, recording one of the first in the FILA International Wrestling Hall of Fame.

After the end of his career wrestler Bruce Baumgartner is dedicated to continue the struggle. He is Director of Athletics for the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and Director of the Edinboro wrestling camps and lives with his wife and three sons in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

Competitive balance (Overview)

In addition, Baumgartner was able to win on a national level, the following titles:

(NCAA = American University Sports Federation )

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Cup, S = Heavy weight, F = Freestyle )