Adenostyles alliariae

Gray Alpendost ( Adenostyles alliariae )

The Grey Alpendost ( Adenostyles alliariae, syn: A. albifrons ) is a species of the sunflower family ( Asteraceae).

Furthermore, the following designations are or were, to some extent regionally, use: Alpenpestkraut, Big Berglattich (Silesia ), Schei herb ( Switzerland ), rail herb ( Switzerland ) and Rosslattich (Silesia ).


The perennial herbaceous plant reaches heights of growth of about 60 to 150 centimeters. The stem is hairy above and glabrous in the lower half. The basal leaves are up to 50 centimeters tall, long -stalked, irregularly coarsely toothed, tomentose indented under hand and heart-shaped.

The red flowers are grouped into baskets, which are in turn combined into a total doldig - paniculate inflorescence. The flowering period extends from July to August.


Gray Alpendost occurs on nitrogen-rich, calcium-poor, base-rich soils in mountain forests and tall herb communities. It can be found in the foothills and in the Alps at altitudes between 1,000 and 2,000 meters, in forest ravine he comes up to 2100 meters in front. Outside the Alpine region it occurs only as a relic of the Ice Age.