Administrative divisions of Saint Petersburg

The city of Saint Petersburg (Russian: город Санкт Петербург - ) in Federal District North-West Russia is next to the capital Moscow, the second of the two cities of the Russian Federation, which have a " federal cities rank " the status of a Federation subject.

The city is divided into 18 Rajons, which in turn are divided into 111 administrative units of the next level, namely:

  • 81 Municipal districts (Russian муниципальный округ, munizipalny okrug )
  • 9 cities (Russian город, gorod )
  • 21 settlements (Russian посёлок, possjolok )

The municipal districts comprise mainly the city center and other densely populated parts of the city area. They were given to the classification of the city by district in the 1990s, a serial number, also some names, often based on historic district designations. Since then, other districts names were allocated last 1 January 2013 the District No. 53 of the Narodni name ( "People's District "). Currently, there are eight " unnamed " districts ( numbers 7, 15, 21, 54, 65, 72, 75 and 78, as of 2013). The district code 43 is missing: it was awarded in 1996 to the district of the same name Rajons Krasnoje Selo (Russian Krasnogorsk ), which had arisen after the incorporation of the city Krasnoje Selo 1973. 1999 Krasnoje Selo again received city status ( no number).

The towns and settlements are located predominantly at the more sparsely populated periphery of the urban area. They are not numbered. The settlements have emerged mainly from earlier settlements of urban type.