Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition [ ə ˌ ɔ ː doʊbi dɪʃn ] (formerly Cool Edit Pro) is a professional audio editor software company Adobe Systems for editing digital audio files. It is capable of both direct and indirect editing of audio material. Files can be opened and taken her from many different sources and are stored in all the common formats. Since Creative Suite 5.5 it is part of the program package and first published for Mac OS X.

  • 2.1 Special Functions

Revision history

Under the name of Cool Edit, the program center was originally developed 1990 by the company Syntrillium and was at that time one of the most useful and most useful of its kind in the basic version audio files are changed directly due to the then lower computing power, to allow work in real time. In later versions, then the indirect editing of sound files and the multi-channel mix were possible.

In May 2003, Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Adobe was purchased and incorporated as Adobe Audition in its own product range and developed.


The first version was released on 18 August 2003 and had since the last publication of Cool Edit no discernible changes in the function.

Published in May 2004, the program underwent major changes. There were features such as pitch correction, frequency domain analysis, a project view for the CD creation and basic video editing tools of Adobe Premiere added, also the possibility to integrate files of both programs into the other program.

With the second version, the first version was released for the professional user area on 17 January 2006. In addition to the newly organized user interface, support for ASIO, VST were added, also new processing options, as they were already available in the professional audio editors. This version was integrated studio in the software package Adobe Production; However, Audition is not distributed with the Adobe Creative Suite, where it is replaced by the less powerful Adobe Soundbooth.

Published on 8 November 2007, a spectral analysis and new effects have been added, designed the multi-track surface new and expanded support for additional VSTi (virtual instruments). This version can now as a free full version of the manufacturer's site (Adobe CS2 download ) are herungergeladen after applying a free account. Adobe does, however, attention expressly to the fact that this version should not be used productively, as the support and further development was discontinued some time ago.

On 11 April 2011 Audition CS 5.5 5 was presented at the update for the current Creative Suite CS5.5 on. Since this Creative Suite version that introduced in CS3 Soundbooth is replaced by audition in the versions " Production Premium " and " Master Collection ", from which it is seen that Soundbooth will not be further developed. Adobe Audition 4 is the first version for Windows and Mac OS X.

Published on May 7, 2012 under the current Creative Suite 6


  • 300 tracks
  • Support for ASIO, VST, DirectX, and ReWire
  • More than 50 audio effects and DSP tools
  • Automated recording with external hardware support
  • Surround Encoder to export files with 5.1 channel surround sound
  • Loop-based music production possible
  • Restoration Tools

Special Features

  • Ton-/Stimmenverzerrung
  • Support for VST instruments
  • Automated streaming