After School (band)

After School ( 애프터 스쿨 ) is a girl group, founded in 2009, South Korean, which stands at the record company Pledis Entertainment under contract. In the short period of its existence, the band released several successful EPs and singles.

  • 5.1 Studio albums

Chart success

After first appearances late 2008, the first single released Ah! the first five-member group in January 2009, which pushed forward in February to No. 13 Korean singles chart. It was followed by several line-up changes and single releases during the year 2009.

Several of these singles were also released on EPs, again achieved top ranks of the official GAON charts. So could the single Bang! End of March 2010 to advance to second place in the GAON charts after the previous single Neo Ddaemunae ( 너 때문에, " Because of You " ) had even reached the top position in December 2009. Together with the Japanese artist Namie Amuro they took the song Make it Happen on.


In January 2010, the band won the K -pop New Artist of the Year 2009 Award as best Korean newcomer band at the award ceremony on the Billboard Japan Music Awards in Tokyo. In February 2010, they were honored at the High1 Seoul Music Awards 2010 along with the groups T -ara and Beast as the best newcomer of the year.

Layout and other activities

Since July 6, 2010, members of the group in the reality show Play Girlz School can be seen, which is broadcast on the cable channel MBC every1.

In July 2011, management of the eight -piece band announced that the singers in AS Red & Blue are split, two units of four members. In the same month the Singles In The Night Sky ( Red ) and Wonder Boy ( Blue ) published.


  • Jung- ah: Birth name: Kim Jung -a ( Hangul: 김정아 ) * August 2, 1983
  • Jooyeon: Birth name: Lee Joo- yeon ( Hangul: 이주연 ) * March 19, 1987
  • Uee: Birth name: Kim Yu -jin ( Hangul: 김유진 ) * April 9 1988
  • Raina: Birth name: Oh Hye- rin ( Hangul: 오 혜린 ) * May 7, 1989
  • Nana: Birth name: In Jin -a ( Hangul: 임진아 ) * September 14, 1991
  • Lizzy: Birth name: Park Su -young ( Hangul: 박수영 ) * July 31, 1992
  • E -Young: Birth name: No I -young ( Hangueul: 노 이영 ) * August 16, 1992
  • Kaeun: Birth name: Sin Ga -eun ( Hangul: 신가은 ) * August 20, 1994


  • Soyoung: Birth Name: Yoo So Young ( Hangul: 유소영 ) * March 29, 1986
  • Bekah: Birth Name: Rebekah Kim ( Hangul: 레베카 김 ) * August 11, 1989
  • Kahi: Birth name: Park Ji -young ( Hangul: 박지영 ) * December 25, 1980


Studio albums