Alan Garner

Alan Garner ( born 1934 in Congleton, Cheshire ) is a British fantasy author.

He grew up in Alderley on in Manchester and attended Manchester Grammar School, where a library is named after him. He then studied at Magdalen College, Oxford University.

He was awarded the Carnegie Medal, winner of the Guardian Award, the Phoenix Award and in 2001 was appointed Officer of the British Empire ( OBE).


  • Owl Service ( 1967), based on the Welsh epic Mabinogion
  • Elidor (1965 ), with designs from the Lebor Gabala, the book of conquests, which reports on the colonization of Ireland.
  • Red Shift (1973 )
  • The Weird Stone of Brisingamen (1960 )
  • The Moon of Gomrath (1963 ), who play in the Bronze Age mines of Alderley Edge in England and use motifs from the Arthurian legend.
  • Strandloper (1996 )
  • The Stone Book Quartet ( 1976)
  • The Voice That Thunders (London, 1997), collected essays
  • Grey Wolf, Prince Jack and the Firebird (1998)
  • The Well of the Wind ( 1998)
  • Thursbitch (2003)