Albatross (disambiguation)

Albatros ( Albatross English spelling ) may refer to:

  • Albatrosses, a family of seabirds
  • A score in golf, see Golf (Sport) # Par
  • The albatross Literature Prize of the Günter Grass Foundation Bremen
  • A title for sailors who rounded the Cape Horn, see chapter Hoornier
  • A planned offshore wind farm in the North
  • The nickname of the German swimmer Michael Gross
  • West German title of an album by the German rock band carat, see About seven bridges
  • A Dutch high-speed train, see AnsaldoBreda V250
  • A Russian airship, see Russian airship Albatros #
  • A crime novel by Charlotte Armstrong, see The Albatros
  • Albatross (Missouri ), a place in the United States
  • A Millionenhit - Instrumental by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
  • A former Italian Toto Cutugno band around
  • A short story by Stanisław Lem, see pilot Pirx # Albatros
  • Numerous islands, see Albatross Iceland

Albatross is the name of the following companies:

  • Albatros insurance services, aviation insurance broker in the Lufthansa Group
  • Albatros Flugzeugwerke, aircraft manufacturer in WWI
  • Publisher Albatros, Czech Publisher
  • Albatros Airways, Albanian airline
  • Albatros Motors, former British car manufacturer
  • Albatros, brand name of the former French vehicle manufacturer Henri Billouin

Albatross is the name of several ships:

  • , 1896 decreased SMS Albatross, gunboat of the Austrian Navy off Guadalcanal
  • SMS Albatross (1871 ), gunboat of the Imperial Navy
  • SMS Albatross (1907 ), Mine cruiser of the Imperial Navy, Nautilus - class
  • Albatros (ship, 1926), torpedo boat of the Imperial and Naval
  • Albatros class, class of fast patrol boats of the German Navy
  • HMS Albatross, aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy
  • Albatross (1930 ), Great Destroyers of the French Navy
  • Albatross (1934 ), experimental boat / submarine hunters of the Italian Navy
  • Albatross (1966 ), missile speed boat of the Turkish Navy
  • Albatross (1967 ), patrol vessel of the French Navy
  • Albatroz (1973 ), the Portuguese navy patrol boat
  • Albatross (1912 ), Customs boat in the then Dutch East Indies
  • Albatros 1-3, Spanish customs boats
  • MS Albatros (Bodensee), Passenger Ship on Lake Constance
  • FMS Albatros, fishing boat with home port of Bremerhaven scrapped,
  • TS Albatross, a former cruise ship
  • Albatros (ship, 1973), a cruise ship
  • DS Albatros, passenger and cargo steamer, built in 1912 at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, today monument in Damp
  • Albatros ( type of vessel), a series of Neptun Werft
  • Albatros (ship, 1942 ), 1942 -built sailing freighter; sailed today as a three-masted especially the German and Danish Baltic Sea
  • Albatross (ship, 1920), the Danish- German -American Two master, last used as a school, set in the Pacific (1961 )
  • Albatros (ship, 1905), Yacht, gift of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II to the Württemberg King Wilhelm II, today Excursion boat on Lake Ammersee

Albatross is the name of aircraft:

  • Albatros BI, German military aircraft from the First World War
  • Aero L -39 Albatros, a Czech training aircraft with jet engine
  • A-40 Albatros, a Soviet / Russian amphibious aircraft, see Beriev Be -42
  • De Havilland Albatross, a type of aircraft from the 1930s
  • Gossamer Albatross, a human-powered aircraft
  • Grumman HU -16 Albatross, a long-range maritime patrol aircraft from the 1940s and 1950s

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