Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is a British- American rock band.

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Band History

1967 founded the guitarist Peter Green, drummer Mick Fleetwood - both former members of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - and the bass guitarist Bob Brunning, the band Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. After a live recording (Live at The Marquee 1967, Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, Bob Brunning and Jeremy Spencer ) and the studio recording Long Grey Mare ( Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, Bob Brunning ) left Bob Brunning in the same year the band and was replaced by John McVie, the (later guitarist for the Rolling Stones) still played as a bass guitarist Mick Taylor as a member of the Bluesbreakers John Mayall. A short time later, Jeremy Spencer (guitar, vocals, piano) became a permanent member of the band Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac was from the beginning a very successful blues band. Early hits were Oh, Well, the instrumental Albatross and Black Magic Woman (but that was only through the adaptation of Santana worldwide hit ). 1969 sold Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green more records than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. By then only 18 -year-old Danny Kirwan guitarist number three came into the band. Peter Green was looking for relief, as the band's success rested solely on his shoulders and Jeremy Spencer compositionally could not support him. The weariness with the workings of the modern music business and the media brought Peter Green to put his actions and his considerable income in question. Addition, there was excessive use of LSD, which had lasting effects on his psyche - to diagnosed schizophrenia. His proposal to use the royalties charitable, rejected the other band members. As Jeremy Spencer in 1971 a member of the Children of God sect was and Danny Kirwan slipped due to alcohol and mental health problems to become homeless, all three guitarists in the band was granted no luck.

After the departure of Peter Green in 1970, the music style of the band gradually changed from blues through to mainstream rock and pop music.

The band went through several personnel changes. Jeremy Spencer left the band in 1971, Danny Kirwan remained until 1972. Known members were the former Chicken Shack, Christine McVie, singer, born Perfect, John McVie was still married to Macs blues times in England, as well as the guitarist Bob Welch and Bob Weston.

1974 Bob Welch left the band, and as a new guitarist Lindsey Buckingham was hired. He brought his girlfriend Stevie Nicks with as a singer and composer. The couple had previously published an album together under the name Buckingham Nicks.

Appeared in 1975, the album Fleetwood Mac, which sold very well. Followed in 1977 Rumours, which is with in the U.S. alone more than 19 million copies sold, one of the most successful albums in music history. Rumours hailed by fans as the " crises album" the band, as it inter alia came to the break between John McVie and wife Christine McVie on one side during development, and Stevie Nicks her then boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham was jilted - a According to rumor in favor of Mick Fleetwood, as this has been confirmed in various interviews ( including on the DVD the Mick Fleetwood Story). Appeared in 1979 as a long -awaited successor to the recorded in the home studio album Tusk, on which the band with reduced Arrangements published country -heavy ballads and hearty rock and roll songs. Tusk is still highly appreciated by critics. The American indie rock band Camper Van Beethoven even coverte the whole album.

Although Buckingham, Nicks and Christine McVie henceforth also pursued solo careers, the band line-up stayed initially exist. After the 1982 released album Mirage followed in 1987 with Tango in the Night zweitbestverkaufte (after Rumours ) album of the band, were released from the six singles. During the ensuing tour Buckingham left the band. Billy Burnette and Rick Vito came as a guitarist to do so.

In the 1990s there were several reunions of the cast Buckingham / Nicks / McVie ( s ) / Fleetwood, for example, the song Do not Stop grossed which was made by Bill Clinton to the anthem of his campaign. The last one took place in 1997; It was a reunion concert in Burbank, California, which was organized by the Warner Music Group, the parent company of the current label of the band. This is the date (April 2007) last official concert of the band along with Christine McVie.

In 1998 he was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In 2002, John McVie, Fleetwood, Buckingham and Nicks were together again in the studio and recorded the album Say you published in April 2003 wants to. It was followed by a tour of Europe and the United States. The song Peacekeeper, the first single, was released here in two different versions: On the album, at concerts and on the European Singles is a line of text ... take no prisoners, only kill, whereas in on the U.S. singles. .. take no prisoners, break Their will has been changed.

Since 2009, the band in the occupation of Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham is touring on their " unleashed" tour back together through the world. A new studio album is, according to Lindsey Buckingham currently in the works, first songs have been played on the tour 2013er it, including a previously unreleased song ' Without You ', which composed in 1974 but was never released.

After she had already been there twice in the fall of 2013 when Fleetwood Mac performing as a guest, in early 2014 it was announced that Christine McVie rejoins the band. In this classic cast the band in 2014, a North American tour deny, moreover, was announced a new studio album earlier this year.



Studio albums


Jeremy Spencer, 1970

John McVie, 1970

Mick Fleetwood, 1970

Peter Green, 1970