Alberto Abdala

Alberto Abdala ( born April 8, 1920 in Maldonado, † 13 January 1986) was an Uruguayan politician.

Education and professional career

Abdala was educated in Maldonado. This was followed by a degree in Law and Social Sciences in Montevideo. There he received his doctorate in 1946 and received his license to practice law. Subsequently he worked as a professor at the Faculty of law and social science at the Universidad de la República in 1947. In addition to his extensive lecturing, he also wrote widely acclaimed publications. These include " Enseñanza Obligatoria de la Democracia " and " Historia del Derecho Romano ".

Political career

The lawyer, the Partido Colorado and belonged within this Lista 15, already dealt early with the policy. From 1949 to 1951 he worked as a secretary in the Office of the President ( Presidencia de la República ) operates.

As a result, he took for the Department of Montevideo in the 36th and 37th legislative period in the period from February 14, 1951 to 17 May 1956 and 28 May 1957 to February 14, 1959 a mandate as a deputy true. Between these two phases as representatives of the people in the Cámara de Representantes he held from 16 May 1956 until his resignation on 28 May 1957, the Office of the Minister of the Interior of Uruguay. His successor in this position was Héctor Grauert. With this he delivered August 29, 1957 in the Parliament a palpable conflict that could only be ended by the intervention of other Members. In the 38th (February 15, 1959 - July 13, 1959, September 23, 1959 - October 17, 1961, December 5, 1961 - February 14, 1963 ) and the 40th (March 2, 1967 - February 14, 1972 ) Parliament, he was a member of the Cámara de Senadores. Here he had in the years 1967 to 1971 held the position of Senate President and was after the death of President Oscar Gestidos from the December 8, 1967 Jorge Pacheco Areco vice president under. Also Abdala Consejero Nacional de Gobierno was and at times also as interim foreign minister of Uruguay.