Alberto Costa (politician)

Alberto Bernardes Costa ( born August 16, 1947 in Évora de Alcobaça, Portugal) is a Portuguese lawyer and politician of the Socialist Party (PS). Since 2005 he is Director of the Portuguese Ministry of Justice.


Bernardes Costa completed his schooling and studied from Leiria on law at the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon; He completed his studies with the usual Lizenziatur ( Licenciatura ). In Leiria, he completed his Refendariat and began shortly thereafter there with his work as a lawyer.

In 1969 he ran for the Democratic Opposition ( Oposição Democrática ) in the constituency of Leiria. The PIDE, the Portuguese secret police, but under his belt Kandidur and arrested Costa shortly thereafter. As a result of the arrest and the exclusion of all universities, France confessed 1973-1974 the status of political refugee.

After the Carnation Revolution in 1974 and the beginning of the democratization of Portugal Costa was able to work as a lawyer again. On the side he worked with legal references in the Portuguese Bar Association and other administrative areas. He also lectured at the University of Lisbon, at the Technical University of Lisbon and the Lisbon Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA ).

Since 1991, Alberto Bernardes Costa member of the Portuguese Parliament ( Assembleia da República ). In his time as an MP he has already acted as President of the European Committee, as Vice - Chairman of the Group of the Socialist Party and as Portuguese representative in the North Atlantic Assembly. After the parliamentary elections of 1995 the election winner and designated Prime Minister António Guterres Bernardes Costa appointed as interior minister, he held the post he held until 1997. He then moved briefly (1997-1998) to the board of state-owned Petróleos de Portugal - Petrogal, SA. After that, he was also a member of the European Convention, which drafted the European Constitution, and was represented at the Portuguese interests. In 2004 he was in charge of the electoral program of the Socialist Party in the European elections.

After the 2005 parliamentary elections, in which the Socialists won an absolute majority, the prime minister José Sócrates appointed him as the new Minister of Justice. In his previous tenure Costa looked at especially the restructuring of the court system ( Reforma do Mapa Judiciário ) in Portugal as his greatest goal; it includes, among other things, a task concentration, closure of some dishes and merger of jurisdictions. Since taking office, however, several serious judicial proceedings are pending, including the football corruption scandal "Golden Whistle " ( Apito dourado ) and the abuse scandal in Portuenser orphanage Casa Pia.

Alberto Bernardes Costa is married and has three children.