Aleksei Gubarev

Alexei Alexandrovich Gubaryov (Russian Алексей Александрович Губарев; born March 29, 1931 in Gwardejzy, Kuibyshev Oblast, Russian SFSR ) is a retired Soviet cosmonaut.

Gubaryov left the school in 1950 and joined the Red Army. After he had completed his pilot training in 1952, he flew missions in the Korean War. In 1961 he successfully completed the Monino Air Force Academy and then was the leader of a squadron on the Black Sea.

Spaceman activity

After Gubaryov was selected on 8 January 1963, the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre as a cosmonaut, he graduated in January 1963, the basic training for cosmonauts OKP, which he completed on 21 February 1965.

1975 Gubaryov flew as commander of the Salyut 4 on Soyuz 17 in space. In 1978 he also took as commander of the second visiting team of Salyut 6 on the first manned space flight within the Intercosmos program part.

Meanwhile, Major General of the Soviet naval fleet, Alexei Gubaryov retired from the cosmonaut corps on 1 September 1981. After that, he was general manager of a transport company.


Gubaryov is married and has two children.


  • Gubaryov sponsors the awards Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Gagarin Gold Medal.
  • The Soviet cities Kaluga, Arkalyk and Tselinograd and Prague Gubaryov appointed an honorary citizen.