Alexander V of Macedon

Alexander V. († 294 BC) was the third son of the former Macedonian king Cassander and Thessalonica, a sister of Alexander the Great. In the years 297-294 BC, he was together with his brother Antipater I. king of Macedon.

But since Antipater sought autocracy, put this Alexander from 294 BC, whereupon called Alexander I. Pyrrhus of Epirus and Demetrius I Poliorketes to help. For the desired help Pyrrhus demanded the coast of Macedonia, Acarnania and Amphilochia. Pyrrhus now forced Antipater to cede the government to Alexander, for this he received the promised reward, and left Macedonia. Now Demetrios arrived in Macedonia. Since he was totally inconvenient and Alexander feared he would make him the throne of dispute, he decided to kill him during a banquet. However, this was prevented by the careful Demetrios '. The next day, Alexander Demetrios led by Larisa in Thessaly. At a dinner in Larisa Alexander Demetrios Demetrios had to kill and thus took possession of Macedonia.