Alexia Bryn

Alexia Marie Bryn- Schøien ( born March 24, 1889 in Oslo, † July 19, 1983 ibid ) was a Norwegian figure skater, which was launched in pair skating.

As a figure skater, and her husband Bryn Alexia Bryn Yngvar in pair skating. Together they were from 1908 to 1913 and from 1919 to 1922 Norwegian champion. 1909, 1912-1914 and 1922-1923 she participated in the World Championships. They have won two medals. 1912 in Manchester, they won the bronze medal behind Phyllis Johnson and James H. Johnson from the UK and Ludowika Jakobsson -Eilers and Walter Jakobsson of Finland. Eleven years later, they were at home in Kristiania Vice World Champion behind the Jakobssons from Finland. At the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, Bryn had also won the silver medal behind the Finns.


Pair of running

( with Yngvar Bryn )