James H. Johnson

James Henry Johnson ( * 1874, † November 15, 1921 in Paddington, London ) was a British figure skater who started pair skating.

Johnson came from a family who had made ​​a fortune in coal mining, this allowed him to devote much of his time to figure skating.

Together with his wife and skating partner Phyllis Johnson, he won the silver medal at the 1908 Olympic Games in London, the first in which figure skating was as a discipline in the program.

The two Johnsons took part in the 1908 World Cup and won there as well, as with the Olympics, the silver medal behind Anna Hubler and Heinrich Burger from the German Empire. In the absence of which they were in 1909 in Stockholm and 1912 in Manchester World Champion. 1910, she won the bronze medal.


Pair of running

( with Phyllis Johnson)