Ria Baran

Ria Baran, married. Falk ( born November 2, 1922 in Dortmund, † November 12, 1986 in Dusseldorf ) was a German figure skater, which was launched in pair skating.

Her partner was Paul Falk. During her career, married the couple. They started for the Düsseldorf EC and had neither a trainer nor a choreographer or even sponsors.

Ria Baran and Paul Falk never lost a competition. As early as 1947 they were German champions, they defended this title until 1952. To international competitions, they were allowed to participate, however, only in 1951, as Germany was largely excluded after the Second World War the international sport. They were prompt in 1951 European Champion in Zurich and World Champion in Milan. In 1952 she defended at the European Championships in Vienna and the World Championships in Paris both titles. She also won the gold medal at the 1952 Olympics in Oslo. They invented the lasso lift and were the first pair, which showed parallel double jumps in his freestyle.

Also in artistic roller skating couples Ria Baran and Paul Falk in 1951 world champion.

Ria Baran was from 1950 to 1952 three times in a row Sportswoman of the Year in Germany. After her Olympic victory, the Falk's changed to the pros and went to Holiday on Ice. From professional Ria Baran was secretary.

In recognition of her sporting achievements, a street was named after her in 2010 in Dortmund.


Pair of running

( with Paul Falk )