Shen Xue

Shen Xue (Chinese申 雪, Pinyin Shen Xue; born November 13, 1978 in Harbin ) is a former Chinese figure skater, which was launched in pair skating.


Shen was born in Harbin, the center of Chinese figure skating sport. She started at the age of seven years with the figure skating, first as individual runners. Later she switched to pair skating. Your figure skating partner Zhao Hongbo 1992. Their coach was Yao Bin, who in 1980 was the first Chinese participants at the World Championships in pair skating with partner Luan Bo. Shen / Zhao trained first at the training center in Harbin. However, the entire training group moved to Beijing. At this training group also includes Pang Qing and Tong Jian and Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao. However, Shen / Zhao started on for the skating club Harbin.

In 1993, Shen / Zhao for the first time in her career Chinese pair skating champions. Until her career end they should win seven more national titles. Her international debut, the couple had at the World Cup 1994 in Chiba. They finished it on the 21th Place. The international entry was underwhelming. The pirouettes were slow and asynchronously. Also the technique of throwing elements left to be desired. They have also been criticized because they left behind even when lifting figures large holes in the ice.

Once in the world's top Shen / Zhao were in 1998 with fifth place at the Olympic Games in Nagano and the fourth place at the World Cup. In December 1998 she won the Grand Prix Final. With improved choreography and enhanced expression they chose the Four Continents Championship 1999 in Halifax for themselves. In Helsinki, they were runners-up behind the Russians Jelena Bereschnaja and Anton Sikharulidze and as a result won the first world championship medal in pairs figure skating for China. 2000 defended Shen / Zhao their silver medal at the World Championships and in 2001 it reached even the bronze medal. So they went as co-favorites for the Olympic Games in 2002 in Salt Lake City and won the bronze medal. It was the first Olympic medal for a Chinese figure skating pair. Following the resignation of Olympic champions Jamie Salé and Bereschnaja and Sikharulidze and David Pelletier the way was clear for Shen / Zhao at the 2002 World Cup. In Nagano, Japan, she became the first Chinese pair skating world champion. They defended the title a year later at the World Championships 2003 in Washington, although Shen was injured in training on foot. They got several top marks for their freestyle, they ran to Vanessa Mae variations of Puccini's Turandot. Shortly before they had for the second time the Four Continents Championships held on home turf in Beijing for themselves.

Trying to third world title win in a row failed in 2004 despite the best free program to the music of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker because of an error by Zhao in the short program. They were subject to Tatjana Totmjanina and Maxim Marinin. In 2005, she had to because of a hamstring strain Zhao equal to completely give up. But it would be even worse, because on August 5, 2005, Zhao took a ruptured Achilles tendon to exercise at the altitude training camp Kumning and was operated on the following day in Beijing. This hindered the Olympic Preparation for 2006 considerably. Only a few weeks before the 2006 Olympics in Turin they could return to the ice again. Your training deficit was evident but it was enough to re extremely scarce winning the bronze medal at the Olympics behind Totmjanina / Marinin and their young compatriots Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao. Your other compatriots Pang Qing and Tong Jian were only 0.24 points behind them.

The 2006/07 season was a strong season for Shen / Zhao. They won both the Grand Prix competitions in which they participated as well as the Grand Prix Final. Then they won in Colorado Springs for the third and final time at the Four Continents Championships and was on 21 March 2007 in Tokyo for the third and final time world champion. She then announced her retirement from competitive sport. Immediately after the freestyle Zhao Hongbo Shen Xue made ​​a marriage proposal she accepted also. They married in the same year.

For the 2009/2010 season, Shen / Zhao announced their return to competitive sport in order to fulfill her last unfulfilled dream of Olympic Gold. They won both the Grand Prix competitions and for the sixth time overall, the Grand Prix Final, more often than any other couple. At the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010 they achieved in the short program with 76.66 points, a new world record points, 0.70 points ahead of Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy. The free program, they finished with a personal best behind her, fielding a new world record points, compatriots Pang Qing and Tong Jian. With a total of 216.57 points, which also meant points world record, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won Olympic gold before Pang / Tong and Savchenko / Szolkowy. It was the first Olympic gold medal for China in figure skating. Shen / Zhao ended after 46 years, the series of victories of Soviet or Russian pair of runners in the Olympics. Shen Xue was at age 31 the oldest pair skating Olympic champion Lyudmila Belousova since 1968. On February 17, Shen / Zhao gave their final retirement from competitive sport known.

After her career Zhao Hongbo and Shen Xue end could be seen in various ice shows. They live in Shenzhen and work as a coach. On September 3, 2013 their first child was born.


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