Maria Jelinek

Maria Jelinek ( born November 16, 1942 in Prague) is a former Canadian figure skater who started in pair skating.

1948 emigrated with her ​​parents from her and her brother Otto from Czechoslovakia and came via Switzerland to Oakville, Ontario.

Four times were Maria Jelinek and brother Otto Jelinek since 1956 Canadian Vice- Champion in pair skating behind Barbara Wagner and Robert Paul become, before they claimed their resignation in the years 1961 and 1962 Canadian champion finally were. Even at their World Cup debut in 1957 in Colorado Springs, they won the bronze medal, which she defended in Paris the following year. In 1959, she missed the fourth place just behind the Americans Nancy and Ronald Ludington a new medal. In her only Olympics they finished 1960 in Squaw Valley, as with the World Cup last year, the fourth place, but this time even tighter behind the Ludingtons. 1960 in Vancouver Jelinek Vice world champion were behind their compatriots Wagner and Paul, in whose victories they had placed in 1957 and 1958 on the podium. Maria and Otto Jelinek became famous when she flew to the World Cup 1962 in their real home to Prague, where the gold medal in pairs figure skating won, although they had been warned not to return to Czechoslovakia. They were the first who managed to make elevations with several twists.

After the end of her amateur career, the Jelinek changed in 1962 to the professionals and stepped up in 1969 in the revue The Ice Capades. Then both ended the professional ice skating.


Pair of running

( with Otto Jelinek )