Jennifer Nicks

Jennifer Mary Wisden Nicks ( born April 13, 1932 in Brighton, † August 21 1980 in Delta, British Columbia) was a British figure skater who started in pair skating.

Your figure skating partner was her brother John Nicks. Together they were from 1948 to 1953 the sixth consecutive British champion. Your coaches were Eric W. Hudson and Gladys M. Hogg. Your first international appearance they had at the European Championships in 1947, when they finished sixth. A year later, her debut followed at World Championships and Olympic Games. They were both times eighth. Jennifer Nicks was the youngest participant at these Olympic Games with 15 years. Your first medals won Nicks in 1950 with a bronze at the European Championships in Oslo and silver at the World Championships in London. In 1951 they were both at the European Championships as well as the World Cup third parties. In 1952, the British Vice-European Champion behind Ria Baran and Paul Falk. At the World Championships she won the bronze medal as last year behind the Germans and Karol and Peter Kennedy of the United States. At the Olympic Games in Oslo she missed a medal in fourth. Following the resignation of Falk's and the Kennedys Jennifer and John Nicks were in Dortmund in 1953 European Champion and World Champion in Davos. They beat the Hungarians Marianne and László Nagy, who were placed at the Olympic Games in the year before them. After her world title, they finished their amateur career and switched to the professionals. Jennifer Nicks died in 1980 of a heart attack.


Pair of running

( with John Nicks )