Andreas Nischwitz

Andreas Nischwitz ( born April 1, 1957 in Leinfelden, Baden- Württemberg ) is a former German figure skater, who started pair skating internationally.

He began his career as individual runners at the Stuttgart ERC and later moved to TUS Stuttgart. In 1974, he began with the pair of running. His first skating partner was Susanne Scheibe. His coaches were Helene Beck, Karin Frohner and Karel Fajfr. With disc Nischwitz in 1977 and 1978 German pair skating champions. In two years, she also participated in World and European Championships and finished this all four times on the eighth.

By its second skating partner Christina Riegel Nischwitz was 1979-1981 German pair skating champions. In 1981 Nischwitz and bar celebrated their greatest successes. First they were in Innsbruck Vice-European Champion behind Worobjowa Irina and Igor Lissowski and then won at the World Championships in Hartford the bronze medal.

After his partner was to withdraw from competitive sports, he ended his skating career, where he could continue his studies in dentistry at the University of Tübingen, which he had begun in 1977 and interrupted because of the Olympics 1980. Today, he works as a dentist in Tübingen. Andreas Nischwitz is married and has three children.


Pair of running

( until 1978 with Susanne Scheibe, from 1979 with Christina Riegel )

Single run

German Championships