Eva-Maria Fitze

Eva -Maria skein ( born May 10, 1982 in Dachau) is a former German figure skater.


Eva -Maria skein began at the age of seven years, the ERC Munich as an individual runner. In 1997, the then 14- year-old won with her ​​coach Karin Gaiser in the absence of the diseased Tanja Szewczenko the German Championships, becoming the youngest up to that national title holder. That same season she won her biggest success as an individual runner with 7th place at the European Championships. Yet she was not nominated in 1998 by the National Association for the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano.

Eva -Maria skein ill as a result of bulimia. The disease was so severe that the athlete in 1999 alone the figure skating had to undergo in an assisted living community back and several months of therapy. Skein made ​​her illness publicly, sparking a debate about the health risks of eating disorders in athletes from.

After surviving the disease Eva -Maria skein tried starting in September 2000, under the trainers Steffi Ruttkies and Karin Stephan in Munich a comeback as individual runners, but could not in the next Olympic season qualify for the Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

Skein then moved up to the couple running to Chemnitz to her partner Rico Rex, with whom she immediately took her first German pair skating title in 2003. The couple was until December 2005 coached by Ingo Steuer, then by Monika disc. Skein / Rex ended after the 15th place at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin her skating career.

Eva -Maria skein is one of the few German figure skaters that have won a national title in both the single and pair skating. This managed before her only Maxi Herber and in the GDR Heidemarie Steiner. She was sporting a soldier of the Bundeswehr.

Eva -Maria skein ran 2006/2007 ( Navigator of the Seas ) and 2011/2012 ( Freedom of the Seas ) successfully ( Royal Caribbean International) ice shows.

Skein graduated in 2007 trained as a Sports and Fitness clerk. By 2011, skein formed in the area of ​​fitness, wellness and alternative medicine continue on a Heilpraktikerschule. The additional enthusiasm for the hospitality industry finalScore their outside activities in the exploration and Guest Relations area of ​​the ( Royal Caribbean International), then skein is operated first as a spa receptionist in a five star hotel in Munich. Eva -Maria skein is currently working successfully as a personal trainer and mental coach.

Achievements / Results

Legend: * pair of running with Rico Rex; J = junior; KP = Placement after short program; WD = Withdrawn