Allier (river)

The location of the Allier in France

The place Langeac the Allier

The Allier is a river in France. It rises in the Cevennes, on the southern flank of the summit Moure de la Gardille, in the municipality of Chasseradès. It drains generally northwest and flows after 421 km in the city Bec d'Allier, in the municipality of Cuffy, as a left tributary of the Loire. The Allier gets grant water through the dam Naussac and therefore results in more water in his bed as if it were natural, as for power generation streams that drained differently otherwise, be diverted into the Allier.

Just before the junction crosses the Loire Lateral Canal (Canal in the Loire ) the Allier with the imposing canal bridge at Le Guétin. Since in the early nineties, many dams have been removed or changed, the salmon can again freely migrate to the upper reaches for spawning. Protective times and zones support it,

After the Allier Allier is named; more -carrying departments are Lozère, Ardèche, Haute -Loire, Puy -de- Dôme, Nièvre and Cher.

The Allier is very popular with canoeists, Langogne to Langeac with whitewater paddlers from Langeac to the Loire Tours paddlers. Part of Pont d' Alleyras to Monistrol is locked for paddlers.


Left tributaries:

  • Chapeauroux
  • Ance
  • Seuge
  • Desges
  • Cronce
  • Alagnon
  • Couze d' Ardes
  • Couze Pavin
  • Couze Chambon
  • Artière
  • Monne
  • Morge
  • Andelot
  • Sioule
  • Queune
  • Bieudre

Rights tributaries:

  • Espezonette
  • Senouire
  • Dore
  • Sihon
  • Mourgon
  • Sonnante

Places on the river

  • La Bastide- Puylaurent
  • Langogne
  • Langeac
  • Brioude
  • Saint -Florine
  • Brassac -les -Mines
  • Issoire
  • Cournon
  • Pont -du -Château
  • Saint- Yorre
  • Vichy
  • Saint- Germain- des-Fosses
  • Varennes -sur -Allier
  • Moulins