Amenemnesut was the second ancient Egyptian King (Pharaoh) of the 21st Dynasty ( Third Intermediate Period ) and reigned approximately 1044-1040 BC The origin of Amenemnesut is unclear. Maybe he is a son of Smendes I. and Tanetamun; older brother of Psusennes I.


Busy Amenemnesut is only by a tip cap from the grave of Psusennes I. Tanis with the entry of the title of both rulers. The priest pedigree of Memphis, he is listed as predecessor Psusennes I.. Manetho ascribes to him the four years of the reign, but it is by Psusennes I. Probably he was at the commencement of his reign very old and has made towards the end of his reign Psusennes I. to his co-regent.

An oracle of Amun initialized at the beginning of the government of Amenemnesut perhaps the return of the exiled to the oasis of Kharga opponent ( Stele of the exiles ). According to another opinion, the date refers to the high priest Menkheperre.

High Priest of Ptah in Memphis is the time of Amenemnesut Aschachtet.