Psusennes I.

Psusennes I ( ancient Egyptian: Pasebachaenniut ) was the third Egyptian King (Pharaoh) of the 21st Dynasty ( Third Intermediate Period ) and ruled from around 1040 until around 994 BC He was the successor of Amenemnesut.

Origin and family

He is possibly the son of Pinudjem I and the Henuttaui. His sister wife is Mutnedjmet. Other siblings include the God's Wife of Amun Maatkare and the High Priest of Amun Masaharta and Menkheperre. From a secondary wife named Wiai comes the wife Mencheperres, Isetemachbit.

Both a variant of his name " Ramses - Psusennes " and the name of a son " Ramses Anchefenmut ", was the supreme commander of the king, suggest a family relationship to the 20th dynasty. Another son with Mutnedjmet was his successor Amenemope.


Since nothing is known about foreign policy activities, it is likely that its policy was well defined only on securing its borders. High dignitaries of General and chief of the priests of all the gods Wendjebaendjed, the head of the chamberlains Nesienamun and his son Anchefenamun. In the last three years of the reign probably Amenemope is his co-regent.

Construction activities

In Tanis Psusennes I. occurs out particularly for its construction activities. He built not only from the city to the capital, but had built temples to the gods Amun, Mut and Khonsu, were within a large, approximately 20 m thick surrounding wall. From the Great Temple of Amun, inter alia, a cornerstone addition is obtained. Pavia statues were found in the area of the later Chonstempel, other fragments in Südtempel.

His grave

The raw robbed grave Psusennes I. 1940 found by Pierre Montet as grave # 3 in Tanis. In the grave, the mummy of the king himself and his wife were Mutnedjmet. In a side chamber Prince Anchefenmut and in the antechamber of the General and chief of the priests of all the gods Wendjebaendjed had been buried. Pharaoh Sheshonk II were subsequently buried in the manner provided for Mutnedjmet chamber of Pharaoh Amenemope and in the antechamber.

The outer sarcophagus of red granite was taken over by Merenptah and likely comes from its grave in the Valley of the Kings. It has involved a second sarcophagus of black granite, which in turn was a re-used private sarcophagus of the New Kingdom, and this contained a further solid silver. The latter has obviously been actually made ​​for Psusennes I.. The most important piece of equipment grave was the gold mask. Its richly decorated with jewels mummy was completely disintegrate in the grave opening.