Anatoly Solovyev

  • Mir EP-2   Soyuz TM TM-5/Sojus -4 ( 1988)
  • Soyuz TM -9 ( 1990)
  • Soyuz TM- 15 (1992/1993)
  • Soyuz TM- 26 (1997/1998)

Anatoli Yakovlevich Solovyov (Russian Анатолий Яковлевич Соловьёв; born January 16, 1948 in Riga, Latvian SSR ) is a retired Soviet cosmonaut. He is married and has two sons.


Soloviev joined the Aviation High School " Lenin Komsomol " in Chernigov in 1972. He then became a pilot in eastern military district of the Soviet Union.


In 1976 he decided to start a cosmonaut training. After he was admitted to the inner circle of the future cosmonauts began in 1979 his special cosmonaut training. He was trained for missions to the space ship Soyuz - T, and for the space station Salyut -7 and Mir. From 1981, he then took part in five missions, which led him also to the space stations.

Soloviev is with 16 spacewalks with a total time of 78 hours and 48 minutes free in space by far the most experienced person in this work discipline.