Angelo Rizzoli

Angelo Rizzoli ( born October 31, 1889 in Milan, † September 24, 1970 ) was an Italian film producer, publisher and entrepreneur.


In 1927, he founded the company A. Rizzoli & Co, which later became the Italian media company RCS Media Group was born. He obtained in 1927 the Italian women's magazine Novella from the publisher Mondadori. In the following years he acquired an additional magazines like Annabella, Bertoldo, Candido, Omibus and Oggi e L' Europeo. From 1949 he started with the publication of books. In 1954 he acquired the company Cartiera the Lama Reno. Entrepreneurial he went to Milan in 1960, where he set up his professional center at Via Civitavecchia. Apart from his professional work in the Italian press and book landscape he was also an entrepreneur in the Italian film production. He produced films by Federico Fellini as La Dolce Vita in 1960 and eight and a half. In 1964 he opened the bookstore Rizzoli International Bookstore in New York City at 712 Fifth Avenue, which was seen in several Hollywood films, including Woody Allen's Manhattan and Falling in Love with Robert de Niro and Meryl Streep. He also produced the controversial documentary Africa Addio. Rizzoli married Anna Marzorati and had two children.

In the Italian city Lacco Ameno is a museum about his life and work in the Villa Arbusto. Rizzoli built in 1956, this luxury hotel " Regina Isabella " and donated the hospital, " Anna Rizzoli " in Lacco Ameno.