Anne Sinclair

Anne Sinclair ( born July 15, 1948 in New York City, born Anne- Élise Schwartz) is a French journalist.


Anne Sinclair is a daughter of Joseph -Robert Schwartz ( Sinclair 1949 ), businessman and Knight of the Legion of Honour, and Micheline Nanette Rosenberg.

She is a granddaughter of Paul Rosenberg, a major gallery owner and art dealer in Paris and later in New York, of which it has inherited a part of the art collection valued at several million euros. As Rosenberg's granddaughter was named in March 2014 as one of the two lawful heirs, which the first identified as looted art image of the collection Gurlitt should be returned, the Seated Woman by Henri Matisse.

She is divorced from the journalist Ivan Levai, with whom she has two children. On November 24 1991 she married the politician Dominique Strauss- Kahn ( born April 25, 1949). In May 2011, Strauss -Kahn had after rape allegations must give up his chief post at the IMF (International Monetary Fund ). Sinclair gave to him, visited him in detention, stored deposits, picked him up and hugged him in the interrogation of flashbulbs of press photographers. In early September 2012, announced that it has confirmed the separation from him indirectly in an interview. In March 2013, the divorce took place. Sinclair is Jewish ( his own words ).

Professional career

First Lizentiatin of law, it acquired in 1972 at the Institut d' études politiques de Paris, the diploma. She began her career in 1973 as a journalist with radio station Europe 1

In 1983 she was engaged by the broadcaster TF1 for the series Édition Spéciale. Sinclair moderated in France extremely popular Sunday evening show Sept sur ​​Sept ( " 7/7 " ), and thus became one of the most famous journalists in the country. She won 3 awards Sept d'Or, the French equivalent of the Emmy Awards. After the privatization of TF1, she became the Deputy Director of Information, later the Director General of the company. In 1997, after the appointment of her husband Dominique Strauss -Kahn as Minister for Economics, Finance and Industry, she decided to conduct political broadcasts no more, and was Director General of the Internet subsidiary, e - TF1, and later Vice President.

She left in 2001, the TF1 group after disagreements with Patrick Le Lay, Director General of the transmitter. She returned to the group Netgem, left in 2002 to RTL and collaborated with the magazine Paris Match. From 2003 to 2007 she directed at France Inter broadcast the " Libre Cours " in which students meet with members demanding professions. In 2008, she worked on the show " Le Grand Journal " on Canal and reported - alternating with Laurence Haim - from the U.S. on the presidential election ( when Barack Obama won ).

Also in 2008, she launched her blog Two or three things Internet from America with comments on American and international political issues. This blog has been one of the most recognized in France.

In October 2011, it was announced Anne Sinclair was to take over the leadership of the French version of the Huffington Post, a company that is to be operated jointly with the daily Le Monde. They will be there to take no editorial tasks, but the business management of the online magazine. On January 23, 2012, she started on this post ..

Sinclair is the author of several books.


  • Une année particulière ( An unusual year ), 1982
  • Deux ou trois choses que je sais d' eux ( Two or three things I know about them ), 1997
  • Caméra subjective, 2002
  • 21, rue La Boétie, Grasset & Fasquelle, Paris, 2012, ISBN 978-2-24673731-5; German translation: Dear Picasso, where are my Harlequins. My grandfather, the art dealer Paul Rosenberg, Kunstmann, Munich, 2013, ISBN 978-3-88897-820-3