Anthony Montgomery

Anthony Montgomery ( born June 2, 1971 in Indianapolis, Indiana) is an American actor and a grandson of the legendary jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery.

He grew up in Indianapolis, where he studied at Indiana University, Purdue University and later at Ball State University, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in "Performance Theatre" and drama.

In addition to various appearances as a stand- up comedian Anthony also worked on the set of the film Hard Rain with, where he performed both as an extra, as also assumed the role of the Production Wizard. After he finally moved to Los Angeles, he made ​​appearances in television shows such as Charmed - Magical Witches, Frasier and JAG - The Call of Duty, and a recurring role in the series Popular. He also starred in the horror film Leprechaun in the Hood with and led on the Tonight Show on skits.

Before he landed the role as Ensign Travis Mayweather on Enterprise, he tried twice on Star Trek: Voyager to enter, for the first time as a member of the Voyager crew, the second time as Tuvok's son for the Voyager episode displacement. There he made ​​a good impression, so that you later took him for the role of Travis Mayweather.

In April 2007, Anthony Montgomery signed a recording contract with AGR Television Records. His ( Hip- Hop ) debut album A.T. was released in October 2008.

His hobbies include diving, swimming, dancing and martial arts.