The Anthrocon is the world's largest convention of the furry movement and is held annually in June or July in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania instead.

In the center of the exhibition is the exchange between fans and creators of fictional animal figures, as can be seen for example in cartoons. The artistic range from graphics, animation, and literature to live performances. Some visitors also slip into the role of their characters and dress up as this. The name " Anthrocon " is derived from the anthropomorphic character of the animal figures.

The first Anthrocon took place in 1997 in upstate New York. Now she comes every year to more than 5,000 visitors, including around 1,000 costumed participants. The economic power of the trade is estimated at 6.2 million U.S. dollars. Makes it one of the 10 most important fairs of Pittsburgh.

History and Background

The establishment of the Convention took place in 1997 under the name Albany Anthrocon. In the following years it was held in the state of New York in Albany, and in Pennsylvania in the cities of Valley Forge and Philadelphia. The Anthrocon was honored as " the greatest Furry Fan Club " in the Guinness Book of World Records 2008. Since 2006, the venue, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. The accommodation of the guests is done in cooperation with seven hotels.

The leadership of the Convention subject since 1999, Dr. Samuel Conway ( artist name " Uncle Kage " [ ka ː ɡə ] or " Kagemushi ", see Related links ). Apart from a small corporate office the brunt of the work is supported by a variety of volunteers.

Another aspect of the Anthrocon is the charity work. Since the establishment of the Convention to raise funds for animal projects will be collected in charity auctions. The information released funds amounting to a total of over $ 170,000. The supported organizations include the Fayette Friends of Animals, Equine Angels Rescue, the Animal Rescue League Wildlife Rehabilitation and Animal Friends.

Program and areas of Anthrocon

Program design

In addition to the all-day bazaar for artists and dealers, there are function rooms and spacious areas to get to know ( see below).

The Framework Programme envisages discussions and workshops that deal with the lived Furry culture in graphics and literature, improvisation and puppet theater, comedy, computer games, disguises ( fursuits ) and music.

Other fixed program points are an auction for charitable purposes, "Masquerade ", a furry parade ( Fursuit Parade ), the nightly discos program, artist auctions as well as the entertaining lectures by Dr. Samuel Conway and "2 the nagging Griffin" ( " 2 the Ranting Griffon ").

The "Zoo"

Traditionally, there are on the Anthrocon since 2000, an area where visitors and artists can off to get to know the exhibition bustle. This so-called "Zoo" provides space for intimate conversations and serves as Vesper area and recreation area. Current venue of the " zoo " is the ballroom of the Westin hotel.

The "Zoo" is as a place for personal encounters in the community of Furry culture an essential part of Anthrocon. Secondly, it is a logistical solution to the number of visits in their own hotel rooms and thus to keep the paths occupancy low.

Mottos and guests of honor

The Anthrocon is every year a special theme and welcomes guests of honor. An overview is given in the following table.