APA is an abbreviation for:

  • Acolytes Protection Agency
  • Acta Praehistorica et Archaeologica, published since 1970 German archaeological journal, ISSN 0341-1184
  • Adelsprüfungsaussschuss the DAG to 1945 ( adel legal technical term), needle examination, needle right VdDA
  • Administrative Procedure Act
  • Advanced Pricing Agreement, concerns in the area of ​​transfer pricing APA procedure between one or more taxpayer and one or more tax administrations
  • Agence de Presse Africaine
  • Allocation personnalisée d' autonomie, care allowance in the French social security system
  • Amateur Press Association
  • American Payroll Association
  • American Philological Association
  • American Philosophical Association
  • American Planning Association
  • American Plott Association, Breeders' Association for Plott Hounds
  • American Plywood Association
  • American Pool Players Association
  • American Psychiatric Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Psychopathological Association
  • Amerindian People's Association of Guyana
  • Antagonist perpetrated aggression, martial arts
  • Apache Railway
  • Archaeology Altmühltal
  • Archived patient record
  • Asia -Pacific Committee of German Business
  • Asset Purchase Agreement, the purchase of company shares part of an M & A transaction
  • Association pour la Photographie Ancienne et ses Techniques, International Association for the Care of the " early process " of photography
  • Foreign Political Office of the NSDAP
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Australian Progressive Alliance
  • Austria Press Agency
  • Azəri -Press Agentliyi, Azerbaijan
  • Centennial Airport in the U.S. state of Colorado after the IATA code

Apa stands for:

  • Afzelia pachyloba, African tree
  • Apa ( deity ) in Hinduism
  • Apa ( Satu Mare), community in Romania
  • Apa Bane (after 354- after 395 ), late antique Christian ascetic of the 4th century
  • Río Apa, flow between Paraguay and Brazil
  • Father (film), film directed by István Szabó

Apa is an abbreviation for:

  • Apache languages ​​, South Athabaskanische language (without Navajo) according to ISO 639 alpha -3

APa was the journalistic abbreviation of:

  • Armon Planta, Swiss journalist and poet, 1917 - 1986
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